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Real-life Jurassic Park

Researchers have found a fossil of a female mosquito embedded in shale sediments in Montana.  The abdomen of the mosquito is bloated with blood that is believed to be almost 46 million years old.  Even though the researchers say the DNA in the blood has long since disintegrated, there are still large traces of iron and porphyrin, both of which make up hemoglobin.

So unfortunately, they can’t extract the DNA and use it to grow dinosaurs.  Bummer.  I wanted to ride a pterodactyl.  But still.  Pretty cool.

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I’m dating a Jonas Brother!

Not really.

I thought I would describe my phage hunting like a girl who recently started dating a popular guy and brags about it to all her girlfriends.  Thank you, Bethany, for inspiring me to use music to help me blog.  Shout out to all my fellow former Jonas Brother fans – don’t be ashamed!  (The first line is from their song Video Girl, in case you were wondering the significance of that.)


“O! M! G!  Did you hear?  I’m dating a Phages Brother.  It’s soooo hot….

I’m dating Smeggy, the shy one.  We have bio lab together.  Of course, he’s not as popular as his brother, Arthur Phage, but he’s still a Phage Brother!  All the girls want them.

At first, I tried everything to get Arthur to like me; I cleaned his counter before he came to lab, I made sure he was nice and warm all the time, I even made his favorite bacteria food!  But he completely ignored me and was attracted to my lab partner who wrote cute notes to him every day.  I acted like I didn’t care but really, I wanted him all to myself.  I was so hung up.

Then, after a few more weeks, I heard that his brother Smeggy had noticed all the nice things I do and he thinks I’m cute!  So one day in lab, he introduced himself to me really shyly and politely.  Not like that arrogant, hard-to-get Arthur.  So we started hanging out in lab every day.  I could feel the chemistry.  After a week or so, he asked me to go out on date.  I was so flattered!  I couldn’t believe a Phage Brother would finally want to go out with me!

Our first date was so fun!  We went purifying!  Neither of us wanted to go home.  I wish that day could have lasted forever.  It’s okay though, because he asked me out on a second date!  I hope we go purifying again because I like taking it slow.  I want to go purifying at least three times before we take it to the next level in our relationship.

Yeah, so I guess you could say it’s pretty official.  Be jealous.”