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Hey y’all!

Over spring break, I went to the Perot Museum in Dallas. It is a museum of nature and science and IT WAS SO COOL! Most of the exhibits were geared toward children, but I had so much fun nonetheless. My favorite exhibit was actually the evolution exhibit, probably because we were just discussing it in lecture. The exhibit was situated so that as you walked through it, you progressed through evolutionary time. First you went to the cells, then the bacteria, then fungi, plants, and animals. They had a lots of fossils displayed to “fill in the gaps” between life. One of the most interesting aspects of this exhibit was at the end, where there was a list of new species discovered in the past couple of years. They all had hilarious names and looked completely different from any animal I have ever seen. The funniest one that I saw was a mushroom named Spongiforma squarepantsii. I guess it just goes to show if you go through all of the trouble to discover a new species, you get free creative license with the names!

Another exhibit I really enjoyed was the Being Human exhibit, just because they had such interesting things! They had a human body sliced a couple millimeters thin so that you could see a cross section of all of the organs and bones. It was so cool! They also had a machine that you could hook up to and you could move balls in a container using your brainpower. I moved a ball with my brain, y’all.

It was great to see so many people having so much fun learning about science. It was so funny to see little kids completely amazed at the different dinosaur teeth or the evolution of wings. If you have a chance, you should definitely visit the Perot Museum.


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  1. scott_lee

    I also visited the Perot mueseum last Thanksgiving Break with a couple of friends in the area, and like you I found the mueseum to be awesome. I too really enjoyed the fossil exhbits. I found it very fascinating to essentially walk through the evolutionary timeline from its humble beginnings. One computer simulation that particularly struck me in the evolution exhbit was the one that predicted the morphology of an imaginary species based on different environmental stimuli (such as drought, high temperatures). It was awesome to see the mueseum demonstrating speciation to young scientists at such a young age.

    I would also recommend the Perot Mueseum to anyone around town!


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