Whoa…this is real.

It finally hit me this morning: we are actually doing research.  This sounds like a horrible fact to just realize.  Firstly, it sounds stupid.  And secondly, you would think that I would have figured this out by then.  However, it finally hit me just today that the research we are doing has not been done before.  All throughout high school I just repeated experiments given to me by my teachers.  However, we are now entering the area of science/research, where we actually have freedom.  We can research what we want convening phages, and we will have to present on it!  Our class has the potential of noticing something that has never been noticed before.  We are not just repeating experiments that other scientists already have the answers to.  Our research is actually being used for research by scientists!  This just finally hit me today – so I figured I should post about it:)