What is the big deal about phages?

Maybe I am the only one who gets like this, but many times as I am studying something, I lose sight of its importance.  After investing hours of time into something I get fed up with it and ask myself, “Why should I even care about this?”  Therefore, today as I was thinking about biology lab, I stepped back and asked myself, “What is so important about phages anyway?  Why do we care so much about them?”  In my opinion, if there is no real purpose to studying something, why study it?  Now I could probably convince myself that the study of phages is important solely for the fact that it enhances my research and learning abilities, and knowledge learned in this field can apply in other fields.  However, those reasons are not very satisfying to me.  So I, as any student in the modern era would, googled why phages were so important.  What resettled actually surprised me.  Therefore, if you are in the place that I was and felt a little discouraged with the study of phages, read on!  Maybe we already knew this, and I forgot about it, but either way I am going to restate it.  Phages have much importance to humans!  In fact, there is a method called phage therapy that can help humans fight against bacterial infections.  Yes, we do have antibiotics to help fight these infections.  However, scientists are encountering numerous problems with antibiotics.  Bacterial cells are “evolving” and becoming resistant to these antibiotics.  One may say that the cells may soon become resistant to the phages as well.  However, there is a much lower likelihood of this happening, and based on the development of phages, the phages should be able to combat against any resistance.  This is only one of the many applications of phages!  Therefore, do not lose hope!  Our study of phages is not for nothing.  There are many advantages and possible applications with the study of phages!