Reading a Newborn’s DNA Map

I stumbled across this article on the NY Times website today, and it caught my eye.  It was written yesterday and is titled, “The Path to Reading a Newborn’s DNA Map.”  Here is the link:  As of now, doctors perform basic testing of infants for sickle-cell anemia, and other treatable diseases.  But they are trying to develop certain procedures to sequence the DNA of infants so that parents can be aware of certain diseases at birth.  As of now, the National Institutes of Health have given $5 million to four pilot grants in this research program.  However, as always, there are strong ethical considerations to be considered.  Is the doctor trying to play the role of God by doing this?  Is too much information dangerous?  What if the information is wrong, and decisions are made solely based on this inaccurate predications, which can harm the child?  It is a very interesting article, and I encourage y’all to read it!