Jan 30 2014

Phreaks and Geeks

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First off, if you get that reference I’d be seriously impressed… But anyways…I feel like I did at the beginning of last semester, with no clue how to do anything but still eager to get started nonetheless. The annotating we did today with Phreak made me beyond confused but it’s funny knowing how in a few months what we did today will be second nature to us and take us next to no time at all. Last semester we finished as pipetting masters and champions of the serial dilution and I expect this semester to be the same. We may feel clueless now but once we get started and start to pick things up, we’ll be working through that genome at top speed in no time. I just hope the program doesn’t prove to be as problematic as finding a phage was. So thats all for this post my fellow phage-finding friends. See you friday!

Oh, and just because I can… here’s a picture of a phage riding a goldfish. Enjoy.


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