Ok, I don’t know what it is, but something about neurology is just absolutely captivating to me. The idea of a nerve working with a charge and being SO precise about it is just dumbfounding to me. I mean, how can nerves be that precise and consistent when they are working with a charge as tiny as -50 milliVolts? I mean in my high school robotics competition, we had voltage gradation for different parts of the robots that made it so they would only work within a 3 or 4 volt range. If the stuff that us humans make can only work within a precision of 3000-4000 mV and that seems stringent, how much more amazing is it that God can make something (and trillions of that something) that works very precisely at changes as small as this. I don’t know, but it’s amazing to me. Take a second to think about how wonderful this all is. I mean, how ridiculous it all is! Just saying, we’ve got amazing stuff we get to learn about and we are some of the only few in the world that will ever get the chance to look into stuff like this as their JOB. Don’t waste any opportunities, guys.