Starting fresh

I’m pumped, I feel like this is where the actual ‘research’ begins, where we get into the real genetics and the true uncovering of something new. I was looking around to find some cool new thing about viruses and I actually found some stuff that really freaks me out

Who knew that the effects of a virus could be related to the onset of type 1 diabetes!? That’s crazy to me; between that and the possible effects that this phage stuff could have on treatment for tuberculosis, I’m really hoping we can find something new or actually discover something really important this semester. We’re going to do some cool stuff, guys!

I also found a pretty cool one about bacteriophages!

Unfortunately, this one is a bit defaming to phages, as it tells of how a specific phage targets and kills, “preys upon,” a bacteria that is neceessary for fixing atmospheric nitrogen into the soil.