Wow, Look What We’ve Done!

Wow! I can’t believe we did it! After a whole semester we finally have our DNA, I almost stopped believing this would ever happen. There were so many times during the semester when I just wanted to quit. Maybe I would come in to lab and find that my whole plate was contaminated or spend an hour figuring out why the TA would not settle. However, now I know all those mess-ups were completely necessary for my learning. I have learned so much more by messing up all those times than if everything had gone by the book. Looking back on this lab course I would not change a single day of lab. All of the things we have learned throughout the course, the perseverance, the teamwork, everything has been such a valuable experience that I would not change. And now I have Ranger and he is the best little phage there has ever been.

Peace Out SEA-Phages 2013!

One thought on “Wow, Look What We’ve Done!

  1. nitishchimalakonda

    I know exactly what you mean about those days where you just don’t want to see another contamination. Anyways, it was really fun working with you this semester Zach!


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