Last day of lab

This was it! It is a crazy, good, and bad feeling knowing that the lab portion of Phages has come to an end. Just think, guys, next semester we will have a whole new set of #phageworldproblems ! Today, this last day of lab, I came to find out that I accidentally left my restriction enzymes in the incubator for three days (36 times the optimal amount of time) so my restriction digests were VERY digested (except one, which didn’t digest at all…who knows?). But that gel was really cool! I had no idea what it was supposed to be showing but when Hao starting explaining it, it all started making a weird sort of sense.

The conclusions I have reached regarding many things in this class.

Science is crazy.

Mind = Blown.

Logic is No.

2 thoughts on “Last day of lab

  1. allenkarstens

    I really do wish we could have had more time to figure out what happened! Sometimes I feel like when things go wrong what happened can be super interesting!

  2. nitishchimalakonda

    Jeremy! I wish our phages never died and we had some more time to actually make up for that mistake. But it’s actual the experience that matters!


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