Phages: Useful for More Than Just Medicine

One last thought for today…… Most articles that can be found regarding phages discuss their medicinal implications such as their ability to combat certain types of human conditions such as MRSA or TB, however I found this article interesting because it shows the wide range of implications that phages and the research we are working on can have on our world. In this article the author discusses how even diseases that affect plants can be targeted by phages to save entire ecosystems, in this case the Australian Great Barrier Reef.


2 thoughts on “Phages: Useful for More Than Just Medicine

  1. bryan_gibbon

    Corals are actually animals with symbiotic photosynthetic dinoflagellates. The coral polyps are very similar to anemones with the body in the stony skeleton and the tentacles sticking out into the water to catch food.

  2. Chloe' Sells Post author

    Ohh, that makes so much more sense! I still find it amazing that something as small as a phage can affect an entire underwater ecosystem 🙂


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