Almost there!

I’m finally about to catch up with most of you guys in lab! Yesterday, I went into lab and prepped/purified my DNA pellet for DNA digestion. Thankfully, I had help from Dr. Adair and was able to conduct the procedures without much trouble.  Otherwise, I probably would have been stressing out.

Something funny that did happen though–when we placed the microcentrituge tubes into the mini-centrifuge to spin/dry the filter for the final time, we heard a loud click as it began spinning.  We didn’t think much of it, and assumed that it must’ve been something snapping into place as the tubes were spun.  We were wrong.  When we looked inside the machine after the two minutes was up, we found that the plastic microcentrifuge tubes had cracked and shattered.  It’s never happened before, but luckily, my columns with the were undamaged, meaning my phage DNA is still safe! Yay!

I’m not even sure what I would’ve done if my phage DNA just splattered everywhere in the centrifuge.. I probably would’ve had a mini melt down. No joke.

I’m really excited to start the digestion today! I can’t wait to finally see the infamous DNA that we’ve been studying for so long.

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