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Petri dish cookies

Saw this on Pinterest and just had to post it here! Made me think of the streak tests we’ve had to do in lab. Maybe I’ll make and bring these in for the holidays:) anyways just thought it was funny !

We are official scientists!

On Monday a few of us were able to head down to the Microbiology Lab and do some really cool stuff! We essentially wanted to get a picture of our phage, so did a few procedure steps on on the phage lysate, and then Dr. Gibbon was going to stick in in the electron microscope! After treating the lysate, we went in the back room to look at the electron microscope – who knew we even had one! It was so incredibly cool! I felt like a legitimate researcher! I was then telling my friends about what we did in lab, and they all said, “Wow…I have only been able to read about stuff like that!” It finally hit me how cool of experimentation we are doing, because not many people get to use the equipment and procedures that we are doing.

After Filtering

After I filtered my plate last Wednesday, I came back to do purify my plaque once more but this time after diluting my sample to 10^-10. It didn’t take me too long to finish on Monday as I have really gotten used to the whole purifying step and can do it with my eyes closed. Tomorrow, I will start titering (I think that’s what it’s called) and catch up to everyone else.


After verifying I had a surprisingly accurate calculation for my webbed plate I moved on to flooding and filtering. Unfortunately filters did not quite agree with the gooey arthrobacter(centrifuging it didn’t help either), which just meant I got to spend more time in the lab. Two other students and myself moved on to preparing our samples for DNA extraction.  Although I spent an extra large amount of time in the lab, it all payed off on Wednesday when all three of us were able to extract the DNA from our phages and verify its presence and purity.  🙂


Everything is connected in some way.  It is interesting when science can find ways to illustrate these connections.  The past and the present are very much a part of each other and the similarities can be exciting.



On Wednesday, I got the go ahead to start flooding my plates as my -1 sample’s plaques seemed similar and web-like. I added phage buffer to that plate and put it in the cold room so I will start working with that on Monday.


This is now my mental image of what happens when my phage meets the M. Smeg on the plates…