Still trying to figure out what happened

This has been rather confusing. my last two experiments have been a bit interesting, trying to figure out why my phage won’t show up (at all, even at a 10^0 concentration), and whatever my mistake was, it has left me phageless. I went in to do my Electron Microscopy and I broke Dr. Rushing’s perfect record, as she was unable to find any phages, and she had to give up after about 15 minutes of looking.

At this point, my options are very limited. Based on the current trends, my current lysates are all either faulty, contaminated, or simply containing a phage that refuses to grow (even my lysates that are from my purification rounds) and I have actually been forced to start a plaque assay from my original lysate: the one we all made together at the end of september.

It doesn’t matter very much, since we already have the phage we need, but it is just kinda discouraging to have failed like this. Oh well, I’m definitely looking forward to next semester’s lab more, now.

Hope everybody has a great break.

1 thought on “Still trying to figure out what happened

  1. katelynpruett

    I am so sorry you lost your phage! However, I am impressed by your great attitude about it! You’re awesome.


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