Getting closer

So I feel like I’ve past that checkpoint. Now I’m done with my 10 plate web that I flooded on Monday and will collect the lycate. Wednesday I will start on the graphing for the microscope, and ill get to start working with the DNA of the phage.

So it makes sense why we all have to switch next semester to arthro for the sequencing of the phage, but it defiantly makes me wish I had tried just one more time to get that phage! But I still would be doing the same thing, so in the end theres no difference.

Its kind of funny when I talk to my parents from time to time, they will ask about the lab and earlier in the year I would be able to simplify it enough where they had the general idea of what I was working on. But now and especially the rest of the semester, its gotten pretty complicated for just a casual phone conversation! But I really feel like I have a firm grip on what i’m doing and what i’m going to do next!

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