Not your average day in lab!

So I was expecting to just walk in and do my last plaque assay and be on my way last Wednesday.  So I walked in and found that there appeared to be more than one phage on my plates (still??) so I had to pick both the “halo’ed” and the “non-halo’ed” plaques and see if they are two different types! This meant I had to do 10 plates of plaque assays to get the question answered no big deal… yet. As I was diluting my samples and labeling my plates it seems that people were walking around and asking to borrow a bit more than normal, so came out of my world of pipetting to find that we were running out of TA, and pretty fast. So then after what feels like a longer story that it probably was, I ended up doing two streak tests and two plaque assays to account for our lack of TA. I stopped by the lab on Friday and it looks like the two plaques might be the same thing! So in the end at least I got to really learn how to do a streak test. But! i’m ready to move on and flood!

One thought on “Not your average day in lab!

  1. carterlantz

    That is a lot of plaque assays and a long time in the lab. At least you are a few steps closer to purifying a single phage. Hopefully flooding will come soon.


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