Oct 25 2013

Starting with Msmeg phage

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Wednesday was proof that miracles do happen. On my last plate I found a phage! Now with my luck, it had contamination, but I was able to pick some phage from my plate. I diluted it to 10^-4 and will be ready to start the next procedure on Monday. I also use LB broth for my Msmeg. It is going to be interesting how that pans out, but it might work. We did not have any 7H9 top agar, so Dr. Adair said I should use the LB broth.

One thing that is confusing me is where the contamination is coming from. It is not the phage buffer because my control square was fine. The only other logical explanation is the top agar, but I am not sure if it is from the top agar, or the environment. I am going to just have to play around and work with it some more.

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