99 Problems (but a phage ain’t one)

Finally! It seems that most of us in the lab are in the stages of purifying. This is so exciting.  Pretty soon we’re going to be sequencing our own, individual, cute little phages! Go us.

Since this is a late post, it’ll probably be a pretty lengthy one.. I’ll try not to be so boring.

On Monday’s lab, I found out that my group’s Phage Buffer had been contaminated. (Curse you, contamination!)  So, I’m sure you all know what that means.. EVERY plate was contaminated.

My 10^0 plate was completely contaminated, while the rest of the plates had these dots of contamination.  Literally like perfect randomized polka-dots.  Cool stuff.

However, I was able to pick an isolated phage from my 10^-3 plate, a tiny little area that was pretty far from contamination!  If you look really, reaaaally closely, you can see the lysed area between the “(6)” and the date.

Hope everyone is having no issues with contamination! It seriously is a pain in the butt.

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