Oct 17 2013

It’s Here!!

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So my phage finally decided to show itself. While there’s a small part of me that really wanted to keep trying arthrobacter… I’m very glad to be moving on with the research! Now that i’ve done my first plaque assay, it looks like there are actually multiple types of phages in my one sample! ( I feel like the m-smeg is mocking me…) But certainly no complaints there! So its time for the purification process and getting this phage by itself!

An on another semi-biological note, on my home page there are always little grab-bag news stories, and they found this fish that can grew 18 feet long! Turns out this was an oarfish. They apparently only live in water that is thousands of feet deep, and are rarely seen dead or alive. (Insert Bon Jovi pun here.) The fish was found dead in the shallow waters around Catilina Island, which is of the coast of California. Not sure if this was just to make the Time article more interesting or if this is true but the article said that this is the fish believed to be behind many sea monster stories! So the fish was buried and the marine biologists who found it are waiting for it to naturally decompose before retrieving its skeleton. (I watched the video of it and the lady who found it was wearing a Texas A&M shirt… So lets be honest, this is cool, but not that cool.)

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