Oct 15 2013


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Today was an interesting lab. As I entered lab, I just assumed I would have a phage. I set my soil samples in M. Smeg instead of Arthrobacter, so I just assumed that it would work. However, as I grabbed my plate, I noticed something peculiar. My bacteria lawn had not completely grown. It was very splotchy; there was not a smooth bacteria lawn. I immediately assumed that there was not phage. I thought that there could not have been because the bacteria did not even fully grow. However, one of my classmates asked me to hold it up to the light. When I did this, it became evident that though the lawn was splotchy, there was a slight clearing in section 6.0! It appears that there is a phage in my sample! However, one cannot be certain…it is only very tiny (see attached picture). In light of this, I picked this plaque, and by Wednesday I will know if it is actually a phage!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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