Oct 09 2013

Wait for iiiiittttttttt…….

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Two days ago, we got to check the result of our plates and see if we got any phages in them. Now remember, I got a couple of new soil samples to do the experiment with last week and I failed the first time. So when I looked at my plate, I was shocked (not really) by the fact that I didn’t get any phages whatsoever, again. Dr. Gibbon and Dr. Adair proposed that since we were so far into the semester that we try using mycobacterium smegmatis (SMEG) instead of Arthrobacter for our samples. Today, I put my samples on an Agar plate so hopefully that will work out when I check it out on Monday. The Agar never really solidified when I placed my samples on the plate but I hope that won’t change too much as I put the plate in the incubator and that should solidify the Agar and samples. Now I just have to wait until Monday…

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