Sep 30 2013

Bacteriophage Therapy

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I know some of you, like myself, are getting a little discouraged with all the lack of phage, so I thought I could comfort you with this article!
It’s called Bacteriophage Therapy and it talks about all the clinical advances made because of bacteriophage. Phage are extremely effective in killing specific host bacteria, are safe to produce commercially, and can be genetically modified to accommodate mutations in bacterial strains. These qualities make phage ideal therapies to combat bacterial infections like lyme disease, laryngitis, gingivitis, in addition to many other common illnesses.
The article also tells of the history of phage therapy and all the trials and failure many scientists had to go through in order to make it to the point where the scientific community accepts phage therapy as “potential useful.” So don’t give up! Even though are research is not as near as complex as phage therapy, if they have some success, we are bound to have success.

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