Sep 19 2013

New Strategy Today

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Hi Sea Phage Researchers,

Since I finally learned how to use this blog today, I can actually post something about phages. :) Today Jeremy and I did not mix up our Arthrobacter bacteria samples. So that is positive. Because our recent trials have ended in either contamination or no activity at all, we used a different agar and a different host, and we also used the same agar and bacteria we used before to test our last sample of dirt that we acquired before lab started. I used a soil from my hometown in North Dallas and I also used a sample that I acquired just 30 minutes north from Waco. Hopefully these will capture some phage in the soil. I put all 3 samples in both of my agar plates just to grab some more info and retest one of my samples. I am excited to see what will happen on Monday!

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