Sep 15 2013


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It is hard to believe that I have just finished the first three weeks of my freshman year of college. On top of all the change with a new state, new professors, new classes, new church, and new friends, I have also been thrown into a crazy research project! To be completely honest, I feel like a 6 year old in the lab. I have never used any of the equipment that we use daily (besides a flask:)). Therefore, I am overcome with confusion and awe. The work we are doing with phages, even if I am barely floating with regards to what exactly is going on, is so intriguing. I cannot wait to come to the place where I harvest a phage and begin to understand all of our lab equipment and am able to develop procedures on my own, instead of relying on a step-by-step manual! So as of now, I am a little confused with all the high-tech equipment and terminology, but thoroughly intrigued by our research!

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