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Why Should Done in a Day Matter to Me?–By Lauren Sutton

Hello, my name is Lauren Sutton! I am in the Baylor MBA Healthcare Administration program, currently working at Children’s Hospital New Orleans for my 7-month residency. It is one of the most welcoming, supportive, and fun organizations I have ever witnessed. It’s absolutely my dream job!

But, I wouldn’t have gotten this awesome experience if it wasn’t for one day that totally changed my life: Done in a Day.

The year after I graduated from LSU, I decided I wanted to go to PA school rather than medical school (I totally did not have it in me for 10 more years of school). As I was studying to take the GRE, my dad (Baylor Law alum) encouraged me to apply to Baylor’s MBA program and then secretly signed me up for Done in a Day. We made the drive to Waco, and I got ready for what I thought was an informational session on the program and a campus tour. Super casual right?

I wouldn’t have gotten this awesome experience if it wasn’t for one day that totally changed my life: Done in a Day.

The next thing I know, I learned that I was going to be attending a dinner with students, sitting in on classes, and having a full-on admissions interview. At first I was angry with my dad for not telling me all of the details which then turned into being nervous about my newly discovered schedule. But then, I walked into the business building… and the rest was history.

Paul L. Foster Campus for Business & Innovation; home to Baylor MBA.

The night before Done in a Day, I went to dinner with a group of current students. They told us about the program and offered us interview advice, but honestly it was mostly just casual talk as if we had all already known each other. They made me feel so welcome. We started the next day with breakfast and small talk (little did I know that these people I met would soon become my best friends).

Lauren attending American College of Healthcare Executives’ annual Congress conference. Chicago 2019.

Click here to see Lauren’s video about why Done in a Day should matter to you and why you should attend.

Then we had a few info sessions and collaborative discussions. Next, we got to sit in on a joint class with current students and professors. The class was very interactive, and the teachers and students all seemed so close. We ate lunch with faculty and then prepared for our interviews. I was so nervous about interviewing with Colonel Garner, the Administrative Director for the Healthcare Administration program. When I got in there, I was surprised that it felt so much more like a conversation rather than an interview. I left Done in a Day excited but unsure of what my future held. Should I stay on the PA track or should I boldly disrupt my life’s path for this new and exciting program?

Lauren during a Business as Missions trip to London with fellow MBA students.

Clearly you know what decision I ended up making. Less than 24 hours after Done in a Day, I got a call saying that I earned a spot in the program and offering me a generous scholarship. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I decided to accept my admission offer and I prepared to move to Waco. While my path in life has completely shifted, I know that God put me exactly in the right place. I have made lifelong friends, experienced incredible opportunities, and am looking forward to my bright future.

All of this has only been possible because of one thing: Done in a Day!

Click here for more information about Done in a Day or to register for the next event. 


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