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Healthcare MBA Travels to Chicago – by Taylor Ulmer

When I moved to Waco, Texas a year ago, I never thought my graduate program would take me to the Windy City. But here I am at the annual conference for the American College for Healthcare Executives (ACHE) along with thousands of healthcare executives and students from across the country. This is just one of many incredible opportunities that Baylor University has provided me with; and what an opportunity it has been. Not only have I grown closer to my fellow Baylor students, but I have met a variety of other students from a multitude of other programs and healthcare leaders from all walks of life in the healthcare industry.

My name is Taylor Ulmer. I graduated from the University of Georgia three years ago and spent the previous two years coordinating air ambulance transports. I was working around the clock and gaining valuable experience, but wanted more. I knew there was opportunity for me to continue my education in the healthcare space and Baylor caught my eye. The program offered small class sizes, a residency program, and lucky for me, a trip to ACHE in Chicago.

For more, check out our video of Taylor discussing his amazing experiences at ACHE’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership.

Each day at ACHE was divided into a variety of classes led by academics and practicing executives. Topics included: networking tips, the role of artificial intelligence in the healthcare space, how to secure a residency placement, and a variety of others. Between and after classes students were encouraged to visit and meet their peers as well as network with the lecturers. Baylor also had a private booth at the conference where each student was able to network with a variety of attendees and learn a valuable lesson or two from program leaders.

Most of the time we spent during the day was dedicated to classes or networking, but during the evening, we were able to explore and enjoy the city of Chicago. Of course, I had my fair share of Giordano’s deep dish and Al’s Italian beef! My friends and I were able to go to the Field Natural History and made sure to end our trip with a show at the famous Second City comedy club.

The memories of our trip to Chicago will not be soon forgotten. In fact, the entirety of the Baylor MBA program will be an incredible period in my life I remember fondly. I married my wife exactly a year ago in Atlanta and just a few months later moved our entire lives to Waco. We were nervous, but because of the relationships we made through Baylor we found someplace to call our first home. This was made that much more apparent as I spend time learning, laughing, and eating with some of my closest friends in Chicago.

Check out this brief video of Austin Browning discussing the residency component of Baylor’s Healthcare MBA.

Healthcare Residency with Austin Browning
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