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(Digital Collections) Memories of Floyd Casey Stadium, Courtesy the Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive and the Grant Teaff Collection

Special “Farewell to Floyd Casey Stadium” graphic courtesy BaylorBears.com and Inside Baylor Sports Productions.

THIS SATURDAY marks a bittersweet moment for fans of Baylor football as we bid farewell to the program’s home for half a century. Floyd Casey Stadium – formerly Baylor Stadium – will host its final home game this Saturday as the Bears take on long-time in-state foe the University of Texas. It’s a big game with potentially program-changing implications: if Baylor wins and the University of Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State University, Baylor will be sole possessor of the Big XII conference title and gain an automatic bid to the Fiesta Bowl, a BCS bowl game. But first we have to beat Texas in front of a sell-out crowd at “The Case” for the final time.

There are a number of great tributes to Floyd Casey Stadium out there on the web today, among them:

> A fantastic Flickr set of images documenting its past, courtesy The Texas Collection at Baylor University

> A “Farewell to Floyd Casey Stadium” presentation from Inside Baylor Sports

As part of our work hosting the Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive (BULAA), we wanted to add our own unique elements to the remembrances of Floyd Casey, so we added two new videos to the BULAA (pronounced “boo-luh,” if you’re wondering). You can view them as embedded YouTube videos below, or look for them on the BULAA homepage at http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/33athletics.

The “Hex Tex” Pep Rally of 1983

Up first is some raw footage of the 1983 “Hex Tex” pep rally held at Floyd Casey on November 18, 1983. This footage was transferred from its original Umatic-S format video tape and is presented without digital manipulation, so it’s got some minor audio issues – you’ll want to turn up the volume to hear it well. But it accurately captures the moments of an early 1980s pep rally, complete with performances by Baylor yell leaders, song leaders, the Golden Wave Band and a line of twirlers.

In addition to these performances, the rally gave Coach Grant Teaff a chance to reflect on the 1983 season and to preview the next day’s game against UT at Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin. It also was a time to present the Mike Singletary award, which was given to wide receiver Gerald McNeil. The award, which was voted on by the entire student body, went to the diminutive wideout for his exceptional abilities on and off the field.

Finally, the rally was a chance for the team captain and co-captains to address the Baylor faithful and reflect on a season that would see the Bears play in the Bluebonnet Bowl against Oklahoma State University, a game which they would lose by a score of 24-14 but would be their second bowl game in four seasons. And though the Bears would lose the next day’s game at #2 UT in a squeaker, 24-21, the Bears’ enthusiasm and appreciation for their fans – as well as the rally’s setting at Floyd Casey Stadium – make this footage a fun addition to the celebrations around the stadium’s final game.

(NOTE: The audio quality on the original video is poor to fair, so you may need to adjust your volume accordingly.)

The Grant Teaff Show, Baylor vs. University of Texas, 1984

The next season’s meeting against UT would go much better for the Bears. In a disappointing season that would see them finish 5-6 (with a .500 record in the Southwest Conference at 4-4), the Bears were looking for a big win against the #6 Longhorns for their final home game of the season, and boy, did they get it. In front of one of the largest home audiences of the season, the Bears dismantled the ‘Horns 24-10 and gave their senior players a decidedly upbeat end to their playing days at Baylor.

This footage is the entire broadcast of “The Grant Teaff Show” from November 25, 1984, the day following the Bears’ win over UT. Produced by Greenhouse Media of Waco, the show features highlights, Coach Teaff’s analysis and lots of great footage of an impressive win on the turf at Floyd Casey Stadium.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this historic footage of two great memories from Floyd Casey Stadium. We’ll be adding more video to the BULAA in the coming days and weeks highlighting Baylor football in the Grant Teaff era, so check back soon!


BONUS CONTENT During the process of creating the access files for these videos, I came across some awesome commercials for Baylor University and the Medical Center at Dallas. You can see several of them as part of our Baylor University Archives Collection, or view the 1982 Athletics Endowment commercial, added as part of the BULAA.

The Grant Teaff Collection of materials related to his time as coach at Baylor University is part of the collections at The Texas Collection.

(Digital Collections) A True Team Effort: Unveiling the Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive

On the Friday night before Baylor’s homecoming win against Missouri, a team of Electronic Library staff and graduate assistants unveiled an exciting new project to the 30-year reunion of Baylor football’s 1980 Southwest Conference championship-winning team.

The project: the Baylor University Libraries Athletics Archive, a unique partnership between the Electronic Library, Baylor Athletics, and Baylor’s Institute for Oral History. Established to collect, preserve, and display materials related to Baylor’s 100-plus history of collegiate sports, the Archive was rolled out at the reception for the 1980 team, hosted by their legendary coach, Grant Teaff.

(The BULAA landing page at www.baylor.edu/lib/athleticsarchive)

Presently, items in the Archive are focused on Baylor football, specifically the Grant Teaff era from 1972 to 1992. The Grant and Donell Teaff Baylor Football Collection makes up the bulk of the collection at this time, with a special emphasis on the 1980 team that clinched the SWC championship and clashed with the University of Alabama in the 1981 Cotton Bowl.

The Archive features hundreds of photographs, promotional items, posters, videos, and audio clips that tell the stories of the athletes who represented the Green and Gold in athletic events of all types. The ultimate goal of the project is to collect and display materials from every sport Baylor athletes have participated in since the school’s founding.

Feedback from the attendees was uniformly positive, with several players responding with excited disbelief when they heard their photo was in the Archive. During several demos to 1980 team members, the men would begin to recount stories: memories of a particular game, nicknames of teammates, remembrances of important events, even wisdom imparted on them as 20-year-old athletes by Coach Teaff.

It is these personal reactions to the materials in the Archive that quickly reveal the impact this Archive can have on anyone interested in not just the history of Baylor athletics, but also the personal stories of the men and women who used their physical prowess to support their alma mater.

We hope you’ll take a moment to browse the Archive and relive some of the amazing moments in Baylor athletics history you’ll find inside. The 400+ items available now are just the beginning of the important work to come, so check back often.

Photos from the event

Tim Logan, Assistant Vice President for the Electronic Library, demos the Archive on a large-screen display for an attendee.

Graduate assistant Rachel Carson, from the BU Museum Studies program, demonstrates the Archive to a member of the 1980 team.

Graduate assistant Hannah Mason, a BU Journalism student, demonstrates the Archive.

Digital Collections Consultant Eric Ames demos the Archive for Dr. Ken Matthews, running back (#20) from the 1980 Baylor football team.

Eric Ames and Darryl Stuhr, Manager of Digital Projects (right), pose with coach Grant Teaff.

To view the Archive, visit www.baylor.edu/lib/athleticsarchive. If you’d like to help expand the Archive by either loaning or donating materials or by providing financial support, contact Eric Ames (eric_ames@baylor.edu).

Photos of BULAA unveiling event by Allyson Riley.