(Digital Collections) It’s Your Turn: What Should We Blog About?

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After three years of weekly content, we’re more than 150 posts into this whole “blogging about digital collections” thing, and we’ve been uniformly pleased with the response we get from you, our dedicated readers. But sometimes we forget that blogging is a two-way street, and as a result, we don’t always do enough to thank and involve you in the process. So we’re taking this opportunity on the three-year anniversary of our first post to ask a simple question:

What do you want us to blog about?

That’s a lot of pressure, sure, and we’re not asking you to plot out 52 weeks’ worth of content or anything, but we’d like your ideas for things you’d like us to explore here on the virtual pages of our blog.

Tell us what you’d like us to explore, and we’ll put it into the hopper for upcoming post ideas, and we’ll even cite you as the inspiration! As a general rule, we tend to put our posts into one of a couple of categories:

Specific collection insights: Want to know how a certain collection came into being? How about the background of a collection’s namesake collector?

Item spotlights: Did you find a single item that you’re just dying to know more about?

Long reads (opinions): Curious as to what we think about digital collections curation, management, creation or even favorite foods?

Humor: Subjective, of course, but we do like to write things that elicit the occasional chuckle, chortle, guffaw or snort.

So if you’ve got something you want to see explored in-depth here on the blog, leave us a comment or send us an email at digitalcollections@baylor.edu. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

A Little Inspiration

In case you wanted to relive some highlights of the past three years of blog content, we put together a little list that may help jump start your creative juices. Happy (re)reading!

First postSemper (Hi-)Fi: Marine Corps Command and Staff College Utilizes High-Resolution Images from Digitization Projects Group for Officer Training

Most popular post: “So We Can Throw These Out Now, Right?”: What We Learned From Microfilming Newspapers and How It Shapes Our Digitization Strategy

Second most popular post: In A Time Of Uncertainty, The Pursuit of Permanence Reinforced

Post most in need of some extra love: “Female Education: Address Delivered at the Annual Examination of the Baylor University by Col. William P. Rogers”

Most recent post: Revisiting a “Miracle” 40 Years Later: The Baylor vs. UT Game, 1974

Image based on ballot for Campus Queen from the April 20, 1926 issue of the Baylor Lariat

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