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Waco-Young Men’s Business League: 1912, from the Texas Collection’s Photos (1)

As we kick off a new year of digitization excellence here at the DPG, we wanted to take a moment to answer a question we’re getting with increasing frequency: “How can I help?” We’ve got three simple answers!

Tell your friends
The more people know about our collections, the better it is for a number of reasons. Of course, we like seeing our materials show up at the top of Google results, and it’s always fun to see us getting mentioned in the news, but it’s also the best way for people to get involved through …

Contributing materials
When people hear about the work we’re doing, many start telling us stories about their own treasured collections. Whether it’s a packet of letters from World War I, a program from a Baylor football game, or a stack of gospel LPs, we’re always looking to enhance our collections through the addition of new materials. Whether you’d like to make an outright donation to the University or if you’d like to loan materials just for scanning and adding to the collections, we’re happy to talk to you about how you can help.

Make a gift
Thanks to generous gifts from supportive donors, we’ve been able to secure some of the most advanced digitizing technology available. From fragile books to large format maps and audio/visual materials, our center can digitize an increasing number of materials. But we’re always looking to augment our technology, hire more graduate students, and purchase other tools that help us in our work. For more information on how your gift can support the work of the DPG, contact Trey_Hagins@Baylor.edu.

If you’d like more information on how to add your materials to the growing digital collections of the Baylor University Libraries, contact Curator of Digital Collections Eric Ames at Eric_Ames@Baylor.edu.

(1) See the full-size panoramic photo at

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