• Area 51 Simulator
    Ever wondered what would have happened if the Area 51 raid on September 20th actually happened?  Well, now you don't have to be curious anymore!  We would like to introduce to you: The Area 51 Simulator! In this game, you play as a guard attempting to stop the raid and protect the secrets of Area…
  • Game Maker Game 1 - Space Hook
    Description: Space Hook is a side-scrolling shooter set in space where you maneuver around with a grappling hook. Using that grappling hook, you need to eliminate all of the monsters in each level, and then the boss in the final level to win. Controls: Left Click: Shoot Grappler Scroll Wheel Down: Move forward when grappling…
  • Seth Dziuk
    {Seth Dziuk} [How did you get here?] Career Goals: Screenwriter Experience: Limited, as I used Game Maker 1 about a decade ago, but also have used RPG Maker. I have limited use hacking basic PC games, and modding other games.  Games Created Waffles 2 Project Arcturus Favorite Games [Mother 3, Kirby Super Star Ultra/Kirby Nightmare…
  • Isaiah Clayborn (2023)
    {Isaiah Clayborn} [Short Description] Career Goals I want to be a professional game designer.   Experience     Favorite Games [Overwatch, Apex Legends, NBA2k,] Classes Taken CSI 1337
  • STRAKH Game Pitch
    Here is a hypothetical game pitch I put together with my classmate, Josh Godwin.  
  • Griffin DeClaire and Josh McKone: DD&D Gaming Pitch
    The video file size is too large to upload so here is the box link to the video   https://baylor.app.box.com/file/521051812907
  • Griffin DeClaire (2020)
    Griffin DeClaire Griffin DeClaire is a Baylor Theatre Performance Major with Minors in English and Entrepreneurship. He has been playing games since he was a kid and has alwasy ahd a passion for design. He has decided to go into graduate school for game design to work as a level designer/writer for video games. Career…
  • Trae Stevens, 2023, Game Pitch Video