Sword and Spirit (2020)

About This Game

Adventurer! After searching far and wide, you have finally found the mysterious labyrinth of legend! You braved its long corridors and found your glorious treasure: a sword that grants eternal life. Fight enemies and collect “insight” from past adventurers to open new pathways and find your way out of the labyrinth!

Key Features:

  • Fun Combat: Learn the enemy attack patterns and utilize your dash and target abilities to defeat the enemies trying to stop you from escaping!
  • Insight: Gather forbidden knowledge and open new doorways by talking to past adventurers!
  • Loot: Equip different combinations of gems dropped by enemies to power up your sword and become more powerful!

System Requirements

(Recommended) OS: Windows 10


Go to: https://baylor.app.box.com/s/752mi5rn732uksei78ul22oiud6owag5

Also available on Steam! (Search “Baylor”)


CSI 43C8 – Spring, 2020


Cody Dowell, Ashton Damrel, Weston Straw, Ashley Roesler

Other Helpers:

  • Music: Nic Townsend
  • Help with 3D modeling and animations: Daniel Clute
  • Menu Art: Meghan Roesler

Gaming Capstone 2019!

Thanks to everyone for another great event!  The 2019 gaming capstone demo hosted about 150 people, including 75 high schoolers, Baylor faculty and students, and industry professionals.  The team demoed their game, Blood Brothers, which is available for free on Steam!

We were also included in the Office of the President email: “I continue to be impressed by our students, particularly with this creative and collaborative endeavor taken on by some of the seniors in our department of computer science, as they will unveil and demonstrate a video game created in the program’s gaming capstone course during an open house presentation on Friday. Combining the efforts of film and digital media, art, music and entrepreneurship students, this remarkable team project provides the full industry experience of publishing a video game from concept to market. The program will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow in Bennett Auditorium in the Draper Academic Building. Game demonstrations will take place after an initial presentation, and attendees will have a chance to play the new game.”

We look forward to having you play our game, and will see everyone next year for another great demo!

Blood Brothers (2019)

About This Game

Your brother has been cursed and his soul transferred into a cloak! Work together to find your way back through a castle to the artifact that started it all. Each brother has completely different gameplay, with a unique set of abilities and movement.

Key Features:

  • Unique Cooperative Gameplay: Use your unique abilities along with your partner to boost each other and become more powerful!
  • Confront Enemies and Bosses: Fight everyone standing in your way using your abilities and halberd.
  • Find Secrets: Explore the map and find what has been hidden away.

System Requirements

OS:Windows 7, 10


Get Blood Brothers on Steam

CSI 43C8 — Spring, 20189

Logan Parmeter

Dylan Hines

Ford Hash

Matthew Engman

Entrepreneurship Class Gives Report on Gaming Capstone Collaboration

In Spring 2019, the Technology Entrepreneurship class collaborated with the Gaming Capstone class to do market analysis of the Baylor Gaming program.  Their reports can be found in video form here: https://blogs.baylor.edu/bradleynorris/2019/04/14/baylor-technologies-round-2-presentations-cs-gaming/

CSI 1337: Marketing to Current Game Trends 2018

The students were given an opportunity to create a video pitch for the next big game idea.  Based on their research of currently popular games and the constraints of one year of development and a small team, we had lots of creative game ideas.  Congratulations to the winners!



Matthew McCaskill, Mohsen Soltani, and Joshua Huertas


Runners Up

Eric Jaroszewski and Makin Schilling

Joel Futagawa and Matthew Sun


Other Videos

Josh Rose and Joseph Cordova

Mack Carter and AJ Brenner

Addisyn Burlage and April Yang

Stevie Damrel and Daniel Trayler

Romeo Mendez and Juan Alvarez

Adrian Rodriguez and Stacy Dodson

Andrew Ammentorp and Alejandro Gil

Brandon Alcaraz and Daniel Clute