Rogue Mage

Created by Joshua Wilson and Vincent Tyrrell


Rogue Mage is a 2D Platformer game where you play as a mage in a dystopian future. Your goal is to go through restricted areas, defeat enemies, and reach the cache at the end to collect various spells to assist you on your way to unlocking a spell to transport you back to the past, to defeat an evil king and prevent this future.

This game is not fully finalized, but represents the vast majority of the gameplay mechanics that would be found in the final version.


A and D – Move left and right

Spacebar – Jump

Q – Mana shield (block)

E – Open Spellcasting menu

For certain spells, the spellcasting direction is determined by the mouse. For best results, don’t have the mouse too close to the corners of the screen while casting. How to cast specific spells is shown in game.