OutBox (2018)

Outbox: By Eric Jaroszewski & Joel Futagawa


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Esc to Pause

Shift to dash

Left click for Combat action

Hold Right Click for Diplomacy action


Download Link: https://baylor.box.com/s/u6rp5m9k2f0b59ywmg0xbupay9srodvc

Black Cat with a Green Hood

Black Cat with a Green Hood

Link : https://baylor.box.com/s/fg4z6r9churr5363072xv4y22xbnjrpw




WASD: Move

Left Mouse: Fire bullets

Right Mouse: Fire bombs



Pea Pod Magazine: Gives player rapid fire for 10 seconds

Bomb: Gives you one bomb to fire by right-clicking

Eric Jaroszewski (2022)

Eric Jaroszewski

Currently a Sophomore at Baylor, planning on going into Computer Science under the gaming concentration.

Career Goals

Become a professional at what I love to do (Gaming and Game Design in general), and get paid for it



 AP Comp Sci classes in high school
 Chillenium 2018

Games Created

Switchblade (Pitch Only) – video

Black Cat With A Green Hood

Out of Time (Chillenium 2018)



Favorite Games

Super Smash Bros

Kingdom Hearts


Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337
  2. CSI 1430
  3. CSI 1440
  4. CSI 2350
  5. CSI 2334
  6. CSI 3334