A Way Out (2018)


A way out is a game in which you attempt to card battle your way out of a dungeon. Along the way, you pick up cards to help you in battle. The game culminates in a final boss fight, which if you win, are given your freedom.


Message Screens: Enter to advance.

Game: Arrow keys to move. “A” to talk with characters.

In Battle: Mouse click to choose card.

People who made this game

Andrew Ammentorp

Matthew Sun


Click here to download the game.


Pizza Time (Chillennium 2018)

Sometimes all you want is a slice of pizza

About the Game

System Requirements
Windows OS

WASD to move. Mouse click to select level.

Click to follow this link to download the game

Chillenium 2018

People who made this Game (Team Uvisoft)

Andrew Ammentorp

Matthew Sun

Jojo Cordova

Josh Huertas

Super Pinto Revenge 64 (2018)

Box link: https://baylor.app.box.com/file/323643021144

Team Members: Andrew Ammentorp, JoJo Cordova

Controls: W to jump, A to move left, D to move right, and right click to shoot. To get items, simply walk on them.

Description: Our game is an arena shooter and side scroller that follows a pinto bean on his mission of defeating enemy beans and a boss Jalapeño in the wild west equipped with only his trusty pistol. The player goes through 3 levels in the game.


Andrew Ammentorp (2022)

Computer Science student at Baylor University, Class of 2022

Career Goal

My career goal is to become a software developer or a programmer that does something positive for the world.


Coding in Java and C++.

Games Created

Singularity 2120 : With Alejandro Gil

Favorite Games

  • Mario Kart
  • Battlefront II
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • NBA 2K18
  • Call of Duty

Classes Taken

  1.  CSI 1337