Endless Ocean



Survive in a post-apocalyptic world flooded by the ocean after the ice caps have all melted. Defeat deadly fish enemies, avoid traps, and conquer this new watery world.



Move left and right with ‘A’ and ‘D’, and swim/jump with ‘SPACE’
Hold right click to put your robo fish in Pursue mode, and he will follow your cursor
If you have collected a laser token, hold left click while in pursue mode to fire a deadly laser
If you have collected a trail token, move your fish with your cursor in pursue mode, and he will leave behind a deadly trail
The shark token comes from killing a shark and kills fish when they attack you, however you will still lose a life
Collect more tokens to make your weapons stronger


Developers: Gabe Freeman and Andrew Huisman


Link: https://baylor.box.com/s/yfiod7g14d94ksvrs9605b06tl2nweq9