Sword and Spirit (2020)

About This Game

Adventurer! After searching far and wide, you have finally found the mysterious labyrinth of legend! You braved its long corridors and found your glorious treasure: a sword that grants eternal life. Fight enemies and collect “insight” from past adventurers to open new pathways and find your way out of the labyrinth!

Key Features:

  • Fun Combat: Learn the enemy attack patterns and utilize your dash and target abilities to defeat the enemies trying to stop you from escaping!
  • Insight: Gather forbidden knowledge and open new doorways by talking to past adventurers!
  • Loot: Equip different combinations of gems dropped by enemies to power up your sword and become more powerful!

System Requirements

(Recommended) OS: Windows 10


Go to: https://baylor.app.box.com/s/752mi5rn732uksei78ul22oiud6owag5

Also available on Steam! (Search “Baylor”)


CSI 43C8 – Spring, 2020


Cody Dowell, Ashton Damrel, Weston Straw, Ashley Roesler

Other Helpers:

  • Music: Nic Townsend
  • Help with 3D modeling and animations: Daniel Clute
  • Menu Art: Meghan Roesler