In this game, you play as the aged and weather Nesti, Klaws. The Nesti people were once victims of an unknown calamity and sailed to find a new home; their exploits led them to a verdant paradise inhabited by the Pingvin. The Pingvin aided the Nesti in their time of need but this kindness was abused and the Nesti conquered the land for themselves. The Pingvins have since claimed the last spec of their former paradise and stand against the Nesti. Klaws has been outcast by his own people for his sympathy for the Pingvins yet is not fully trusted by the Pingvins, so it is up to Klaws to determine how this great conflict will end.


Move up: W

Move down: S

Move left: A

Move right: D

Interact/advance dialogue: E

Dash: C

Attack: Spacebar