By Josh McKone


Sanctuary is a game where you take on the role of the commander in charge of humanity’s last bastion of hope, Sanctuary. You command a series of forces in an attempt to overcome the horrors that have come to claim Earth as their own. Do not let Sanctuary fall. The fate of Humanity rests on your shoulders.

You command several forces using typical RTS controls. You also have to manage your gold reserves if you want to continue producing units and buildings.

Link to download the game:

Box Download Link


  • WASD to move the camera around the map.
  • Click and drag, or hold shift while clicking units, in order to select them.
  • Right click to order your selected units to move or right click an enemy to attack.
  • The next five controls below involve the building hover:
  • V to build barracks
  • B to build Gold Mine
  • C to build a wall
  • X to build the Ranger’s hall
  • Z to build the Mage’s Guild
  • Space to cancel placing a building
  • Escape to quit the game