by Josh McKone, Chandler Bledsoe, and Seth Dziuk

Rivet is a game where you take control of a robot, a RAVE model, who is sent into the underground compound to clean up the robots that have gone rogue. They were sent into to maintain the place and repair the broken machinery, but their circuits have gone out, causing them to go rogue. It’s up to you to set the situation back to normal, using your rivet gun to destroy the enemy robots and you’r stun gun to fix the switches and open the doors to your path.

At the end of the floors lies the rogue military robot, model G-RAVE, that has lost communication with the main servers. You must find it and eliminate it if it has gone rogue.


  • W or Space to jump
  • A or Left Arrow to move left
  • D or Right Arrow to move right
  • Left Click to shoot Rivets
  • Right Click to shoot Stun Orbs
  • (Baily Button) V to place down shield
  • (Baily Button) R to skip to boss level
  • F to refresh health and ammo
  • ESC to quit game

Link to download the game:

Box Download Link