Mundus Turrium (2018)

Welcome to Mundus Turrium, a new take on the tower defense genre.

About this Game
You and your people are living peacefully in the open plains until a foreign being shows up one day. You attempt to negotiate but soon find out that an army coming to take your homeland is upon the horizon. Build your defenses, strengthen your borders, prepare to fight. This is war, and you must win.

System Requirements
Windows 7+

– Use the arrow keys and ENTER to navigate the main menu.
– Use WASD to move the camera up, left, down, and right, respectively.
– Scroll to zoom in/out. Use the middle mouse button to reset zoom.
– Click on a tower on the side of the screen to select it. Assuming that you have enough energy, you can place it within range of another of your towers.

Download Game (Windows)
Download Installer (Windows)

CSI 1337 – Fall 2018


Matthew McCaskill
Mohsen Soltani


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