Chillennium 2018 – Anonymous Turtle

Juan Small Step

Team Members:

Juan Rodriguez, Romeo Mendez, Isaac, Daniel Trayler

Your name is Juan “El Grande Jefe” Gonzalez, you are an ambitious college bound student starting your first year. Get excited! Your life as an adult is about to finally start, a journey that will lay the foundation for your future. There will be tests, there will be love, there will be happiness, but don’t get too comfortable, it will not be easy. As you solve the continuous puzzles and riddles your new life has to offer, you will grow as a person and experience feelings you may not have before. Each level will present you with a new objective, a new trial, it’s up to you to persevere and get the best ending possible. Now get out there and start your epic tale, your story is now yours to write.

We didn’t get to finish the game due to the ambitious plot. Our idea was to show transformation through college life. From the first day of unpacking and leaving your family to go out on your own to finding the love of your life and graduating. So through Juan’s eyes, the player will experience everything that he does. We initially had a goal of 5 levels, each with a unique college experience. One thing that we didn’t get implemented that would’ve increased the game comprehension immensely.

Our team enjoyed Chillennium 2018, from start to finish, with the exception of severe lack of sleep for 48 hours. Even without much sleep, we enjoyed the experience immensely.

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