Shape Shift (Chillennium 2018)

A world of shifting perspectives is always more than it first seems.

About this Game
Platform your way through a world full of hidden color and shapes. You start as a simple square in a black and white world, but you soon realize color is more than a perspective shift. Learn new skills by shifting your shape into another to make your way through the labyrinth. But, beware what comes at the end…

System Requirements
Windows 7+

– Use A and D or the left and right arrows to left and right, respectively.
– Use Space to jump.
– Change between unlocked shapes with Shift.
– Restart the current level from the last checkpoint with R.
– Restart the game with Escape.

Download Game via (Windows)

Chillenium 2018

Developers (Team [Insert Team Name Here])

Matthew McCaskill
Mohsen Soltani
Makin Schilling
Brandon Alcaraz

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