The Man With No Name

You are the man with no name. You are the best shot in the west and their is only one thing standing in your way: ZOMBIES!!!!

Its just you and your trusty side arm, Sara Jane. There are zombies that need to be put back into the ground and you are the man for the job.

No one will know what to call you but you will still save the day.

The Man With No Name is a side scrolling 2D shooter that is heavily influenced by western films from the Clint Eastwood era. You run,jump,

and shoot your way to killing all the zombies you can. The controls are simple in that space bar is jump the WSAD keys are movement,

aiming is done with a mouse, and lastly shooting with just the left mouse button. This beautiful game was created by Daniel Trayler and Carlos Adrian Rodriguez


Link to Game:

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