CSI 1337: Marketing to Current Game Trends 2018

The students were given an opportunity to create a video pitch for the next big game idea.  Based on their research of currently popular games and the constraints of one year of development and a small team, we had lots of creative game ideas.  Congratulations to the winners!



Matthew McCaskill, Mohsen Soltani, and Joshua Huertas


Runners Up

Eric Jaroszewski and Makin Schilling

Joel Futagawa and Matthew Sun


Other Videos

Josh Rose and Joseph Cordova

Mack Carter and AJ Brenner

Addisyn Burlage and April Yang

Stevie Damrel and Daniel Trayler

Romeo Mendez and Juan Alvarez

Adrian Rodriguez and Stacy Dodson

Andrew Ammentorp and Alejandro Gil

Brandon Alcaraz and Daniel Clute


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