Open for business!

To all those in the Baylor Blogosphere: I say, bring your blogs teeming to the shores of Blogs @ Baylor University!!! We are officially open for business for all those folks who are ready to make the leap from Also, if you’ve never had a blog here at Baylor, we can set you up.

To all you users on Homepages: Expect to see some messages coming to an inbox near you explaining how we’re going to clean up the migration process. But if you wanna check out the newly-hosted space at Edublogs, just login to this site and change your password. Let me know what you think. I think you’ll be impressed with the baked-in functionality.

In the meantime, I direct all inquiring minds to our Site Registration Instructions page for information about how we will be handling site registrations for everyone on campus.

More info soon … stay tuned!