Buttoned Bears highlight campus fashions

By Katherine McClellan

As Baylor students make their way through the academic year, the team at Buttoned Bears keeps an eye out for those students with an inspirational personal style. Buttoned is a fashion blog created by three Baylor women seeking to spread the latest in fashion across the Baylor campus. Made up of a team of students of all majors and walks of life, Buttoned aims to highlight the creativity, passion, and positivity found within students at Baylor.

How it all began

Recounting the history of this organization, Buttoned Bears editor-in-chief and senior professional writing major Amanda Seaboch said, “Five years ago, Buttoned founders Hannah Kleinek, Taylor Wong and Abby Thompson were looking for a creative space at Baylor for students interested in current trends and who strayed from the typical sport-shorts-and-big-tee-shirt Baylor style. The three women couldn’t find what they were looking for, so they created that space.”

The three founders believed strongly that a person’s style could inspire others to dress better, live creatively and spark a desire to contribute to their surrounding community. They made it Buttoned’s goal to highlight these individuals on Baylor’s campus.

The Buttoned Bears blog produces several articles each week. For example, one column features a trendsetting student whose style the editors believe encapsulates creativity and individuality. Senior editor and senior professional writing major Andi Perkins said her favorite aspect of this column is the relationships it builds.

“You have the opportunity to get to know some really cool people across campus and the Waco community,” Perkins said. “This column features so many amazing people, and you really get to know them and what they stand for through the interviews you conduct.”

Telling stories

Perkins said some of her favorite stories came out of interviewing students for Buttoned.

“We interviewed a girl who declared this purse as her favorite article of clothing,” Perkins said. “The story behind it was that it had belonged to her cousin who had unfortunately passed away. She carries this purse to remember her cousin and the love of photography the two girls had shared.”

Another favorite of Perkins’s was a student who combined her love of fashion and art uniquely.

“She paints really amazing murals and designs on the back of denim jackets,” Perkins said. “The positivity and creativity expressed in our stories makes me so grateful to go to school with so many amazing people!”

Expanding the scope

“Today,” Seaboch said, “Buttoned has branched out of fashion to include lifestyle content. We feature the special people, places and events that make Waco unique.” Along with their student wardrobe profiles, Buttoned releases an article called “Cribs” that highlights fun and unique living spaces. Through their content, Buttoned creates an outline for readers, encouraging them to create their own sense of style.

As well as profiles on individual style and living spaces, Buttoned has two main article categories — “Wear It” and “Live It.” Seaboch said that “within those two categories, one can find articles about different trends and new ideas — really anything that has to do with fashion and lifestyle.”

This variety of content is one of Seaboch’s favorite aspects within the Buttoned Bears organization. “The best thing about creating for Buttoned is the freedom,” she said. “Our writers and photographers can do a piece on whatever they want. I’m constantly blown away by the original ideas they come up with for articles about fashion and lifestyle.”

The Buttoned team is made up of Baylor students of all majors, from all walks of life, each with their own personalities and styles and talents.

“Buttoned is a culmination of these styles perfectly meshing together,” Perkins said. “We really do have a supportive atmosphere where anyone can say, ‘Hey, I really believe in this cause and I want to make it happen.’ Immediately we all pitch in to achieve the goal. I truly have never seen a more collaborative and dedicated bunch of students.”

Passion for creativity and excellence in the end product is what fuels Buttoned as an organization.

“I think Buttoned needs this passion to survive,” Perkins said. “If we merely published things for the sake of content, people wouldn’t regard Buttoned the way they do. I think people are drawn to us because they can see that we genuinely love what we do. I think that’s pretty infectious.

Buttoned Bears hosts a pop-up shop once a semester that celebrates local artisans and creatives. The latest edition, the fall 2018 shop, was an excellent means to support local artists and take care of some Christmas shopping.

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