Baylor’s Tony Award nominee

By Terry Goodrich, Baylor Media Communications

Baylor College of Arts & Sciences graduate Elizabeth A. Davis was startled out of a sound sleep in her New York City brownstone on Tuesday morning by her downstairs neighbor.

“She came screaming up the stairs in her nightgown, and my husband and I thought the house was on fire,” said Davis, a 2003 Baylor alumna. “We came out bleary-eyed. My neighbor told me, ‘You’ve been nominated!'”

A sudden awakening, perhaps, but not a rude one, for her neighbor’s announcement was that Davis had earned a Tony Award nomination for her performance in the hit Broadway musical¬†Once.¬†The production garnered a total of 11 nominations — including Best Musical — with Davis’ nomination in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical.

The sleep-dazed Davis told her neighbor, ‘I don’t believe you.”

“But then my husband Jordan (Jordan Richard, another Baylor grad) went online and saw it,” Davis said. “I fell on the floor in a heap of tears.”

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