Math students shine at state event

Baylor undergraduate mathematics students distinguished themselves at the 92nd annual Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America meeting in Dallas. Sudents Emily Peirce, Kevin Ruggeberg and Adam Schultze each made presentations at the meeting to standing room-only audiences. (Student Zac Flowers assisted Adam in his presentation).

The titles of the presentations were: “Magic with Fibonacci Numbers” by Emily Peirce (on number theory); “From Recreational Doodles to Rectangular Noodles” by Kevin Ruggeberg (on graph theory and geometry); and “The Despondent Math Major” by Adam Schultze with Zac Flowers serving as the volunteer (on knot theory).

Each presentation garnered many follow-up questions from the audience, as well as some invitations to give the presentations elsewhere at a later date. Congratulations to Emily, Kevin, Adam and Zac on their fine work. (L to R in photo: Zac, Kevin, Emily and Adam)

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