Dr. A.’s Dream: The Garden of Contentment

Soon after the completion of the Armstrong Browning Library & Museum, Dr. A. J. Armstrong lamented in a letter written in July 1952: “After dedicating the Library in a blaze of glory we realized that we had practically not a penny left for landscaping.”

Sign announcing creation of The Garden of Contentment”an outstandingly lovely portion planned for the grounds…to include

He envisioned beautifully designed benches where people can sit and meditate and absorb the beauty of the garden. He dubbed this dream-space “The Garden of Contentment.” Though the University has done a fine job of basic landscaping, Dr. A.’s Garden was never created — until now. Thanks to the gifts of several individuals, construction of the Garden of Contentment has begun. Opportunities are still available to provide teak table and chair sets, illuminate the majestic oak trees, endow the continued beauty and maintenance of the garden, and assist with other enhancements for the grounds (more on this below).
Ms. Christi Klempnauer, the ABL&M’s Administrative Assistant, has photographed the early work on the Garden and a selection of those photographs are included in this post. As work progresses, more photos will be placed on the blog.




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