My Media Project

Domestic violence is an epidemic that affects all of society. Statistically, “1 in 9 women is assaulted every 9 seconds” (NCADV); “1 in 3 women” has been physically abused by a partner; and 1 in 7 women are stalked. It is a common occurrence in the nation and happens too often. Women are affected socially, … [Read more…]

Reflection on the E-portfolio Development

As I created my e-portfolio, I learned that leadership is not an exact science. As a continual process of growth, leadership requires continual work and effort on your part to improve and learn. It is most definitely a journey that never ends because it is a never-ending learning process. Your leadership changes depending on the … [Read more…]

ALR #1: Austin Channing Brown

Austin Channing Brown spoke about racial injustice and racial reconciliation. Her chosen style of leadership is situational, as she must use different techniques to convey her message properly and effectively to her audience. She may use storytelling, humor, statistics, direct facts and truths, or the latter. Through Ms. Brown’s talk, I found that leadership is … [Read more…]

ALR #2: Adam Foss

Leadership is not easy—it gets messy and sometimes you have to fight yourself in order to fight to help others. We condemn people who perpetuate stereotypes, but stereotypes start with us. We are afraid of “the other” and we condemn people before we even meet them or even see their faces. When we hear someone … [Read more…]

ALR #3: Kenton Lee

Kenton Lee is the creator of Compassion and the growing shoe. Leadership can begin as a small idea and grow into something great. Relationships are the root of everything—they create resources and networking that help you develop your mission and your leadership abilities. There is strength in connections and leaders are nothing without people—people are … [Read more…]

LR #1: How do your Strengths inform your leadership practice?

From my Strengths Quest, I found that my top five strengths are individualization, achiever, connectedness, developer, and strategic. I feel that my results are a very accurate representation of myself although I have never really thought about it. I had several “ah-ha moments” when reading for summary of my strengths and identified with each one. … [Read more…]